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Darell Dickey (Darelldd), group member

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Was invited to drive the GM Impact in 1994. Fell in love with it and vowed to never buy another gasoline car. But of course that assumed that I could actually lease an EV1 - I wasn't allowed until much later in the program. I leased a 1996 lead-acid EV1 for two years (secondary lease on a used car). Then bought a new 2002 Rav4EV in November of 2002 just moments before that program was terminated. I eventually bought a 2000 Ford Ranger EV, but ended up selling it as we didn't need three cars.

I've been a staunch EV advocate since my first ride in the GM Impact. I created EVnut.com as a repository for all the info that was flying around the net and being lost. It has since become the go-to place for EV research - especially for the Rav4EV.

Currently looking for a way to parlay my EV passion into a livable wage.
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Darell Dickey

Davis CA 95618
United States
Solar Sales, Dad, cyclist and all-around goober 
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530 753-1776 

electric cars, ev, electric vehicles, evs