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EVcast #245: Did I Say 6 Weeks? I Meant Six Hours.

posted by Bo Bennett, Group AdministratorThursday, June 18th 2009 @ 4:18 AM (1 ratings)    post viewed 3742 times

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Join Bo from Amalfi, Italy for a weekly update on the happenings in the EV industry.  Is the VOLT still on track?  Who owns Chrysler now?  Any new EVs planed to hit the roads?  New battery factories?  Find out who's going to jail and who's getting sued.  Another EV cast you don't want to miss!


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a guest said on Thursday, June 18th 2009 @ 2:15 PM:

Bo, Nice iShow. The sound quality was great. One item I picked up this week that is of note, DOE funded $11 million for "development of advanced batteries for electric drive vehicles" (link below). I wonder if our EV production funding is soon to follow. Keep up the good work. Josh from just north of the oil capital of the world, The Woodlands, TX.

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Paul Cummings
Free Access
PaulCummings said on Friday, June 19th 2009 @ 8:56 PM:

WooHoo! 1000 EVCast members now!  Congrats Bo and Ryan.  And glad you will still a weekly show the next few weeks- thanks!

New sponser in Mr Ricard- there was an article on his car in Autoblogreen (I think) that I came across two or three weeks ago.  I went to, and bookmarked, his site- it is very interesting.  He really did a lot of homework on his EV conversion, and his videos, if a little quiet in their delivery, are extremely informative!  And his converted Porshe is very cool- wish I had one;-)

He was the founder of the Boardwatch Magazine back in the 80's- I even bought one or two of them, though I never really got into BBS's.  He brings a unique perspective on being part of, first, one game-changing technology with computing, and now potentially another with Electric Transportation/Renewable Energy.  Hopefully, he will be a future interview for y'all.

The new Voltec Caddy- I agree with Bob Lutz that this makes a lot of sense- it is an upscale vehicle that you can sell at a profit even with new technology.  This will be good news for GM, but perhaps bad news for the likes of the Fiskar Karma and the Tesla Model S- GM will be able to do this cheaper than they will be able to- hopefully there will be a market for all three.

Th!nk has money now - interesting- even more so given the prediction of **I forget her name** and her report on the future of EV and solar technolgy, and specifically the future of Th!nk- though this game is still in the early innings;-)

And speaking of innings- go UT at the CWS in Omaha!  Hook 'em Horns!

Martin Eberhard- can we say frivolous lawsuit- he could have taken the high road on this, but in the end he will tarnish his own image and Tesla legacy.

Zap!  The more I hear and read about them, the more I wonder how they are still in business- amazing!  I am all for many EV makers, and hope most, if not all, make it- but I am not sure Zap would be missed if it failed.

I have said the same thing before, but I must agree with Rick from Houston- set a date to stop the sale of all new ICE cars a few years down the road (I would set the time for 5-6 years from now).  I am not a big fan of the Government legislating everything- but sometimes there are some things that are just too important to leave solely to the Marketplace.  Besides, by legislating ICE-driven cars to go the way of the Dodo, you level the playing field, so one company does not take excessive risk in being the first in developing next-gen electric cars.  And if it is done en masse like this, initial costs of these new cars, while still higher than present-day ICE vehicles, will come down in price very quickly.  I think you could make a pitch to the American Public to get behind this as well- especially if gas shoots back up to $4 a gallon this summer- which it will if we get one large huricane in the Gulf of Mexico again that disrupts the Oil Platforms and shuts down the Refineries along the coast.

Whew!  That was a lot of pent-up blogging!  Hope no one nodded off trying to read so much;-)

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a guest said on Saturday, June 20th 2009 @ 1:30 PM:

I just wanted to add a few comments based on info in this web case. First, while the database produced by Plug-in America is very interesting it contains loads of vehicles that are never likely to see the light of day. Check out which has links to most current EVs available - not all it's almost impossible to keep up unless you can go at it full time. There are also links to places where you can actually buy these EVs. On the ZAP recall, recalls are pretty common for car manufactuers, Tesla also has a recall, which also applies to a bunch of Lotus ICE cars. I doubt that this will kill ZAP but it is possible. One error that you had is about ZAP not having distribution centers. ZAP actually sells vehicles through a network of dealerships who are also capable of doing the recall. Again check out the ZAP Xebra listing on The company in Washington making the Kit Car is called The Commuter Car Company and their vehicle, called the Tango, has currently sold 10 vehilces including at least 3 to Google. On the Prius, If the hack is to the 2004-2009 Prius I can see this possibly causing problems. The Prius is designed to spin the engine at freeway speed even if it is not injecting fuel. If the hack involves not spinning the engine then damage to the electic motors, most likely MG1, could result, and this would not be covered under Toyota Warranty. The 2010 Prius is desinged to run faster in EV mode so damage is less likely. BTW Kim Adleman is a guy not a girl.

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