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EVcast #320: Who's killing the Roadster?

posted by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Free AccessSunday, January 31st 2010 @ 9:21 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 8023 times

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[1:51:06] Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Chelsea Sexton and John Voelcker as they discuss the week's EV news.  Full shownotes below. This show is sponsored by the EVCarCo. Check them out at

Our Host and Guests online. 

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield also hosts ThisWeekinEnergy and NikkiDrives. She also blogs at and can be followed on Twitter.

John Voelcker is editor at, writes for amongst other websites. He can be followed on Twitter.

Chelsea Sexton is a well-known EV advocate and advisor to the EV industry. She can be found atEvchels.wordpress.comFacebook and followed on Twitter.



Tesla goes IPO with a $100m listing.

but... the Tesla Roadster will end production in 2011 to concentrate on S production. - New Tesla roadster in 2013?

Car-Sharing networks will draw 4.4M Users by 2016- What does this mean for EVs?

Honda at the Solar powered Hyrdogen pump. (half a kilo of Hydrogen per day?)

It's electric "up north". The UK's North East gets the EV lead in the UK.

CA - EV charging points to be non-regulated. 

Not the Aptera - the Solar Aztec - a car bo made fun of at the ETDC

The Economist - Charging all the electric cars... (again)

The Jet-Powered Hybrid Jaguar!

Leaf wins the 2010 Green Car Vison Award.

DOE reduces nissan loan at Nissan's request.

ETDA roundup - Talk about what you heard/saw and thought!

GM building their own motors.


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Eric Rodda
Free Access
EricRodda said on Sunday, January 31st 2010 @ 3:05 PM:

A very good show, Nickki, John and Chelsea.
John, you should have been a ventriloquist, I didn't see your mouth move once!

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Luc H
Free Access
Luc said on Sunday, January 31st 2010 @ 3:51 PM:

Another great EVcast by Nikki and Chelsea. Chelsea knowledge of everything EV make her an EV Goddess and a pure joy to watch and listen to. The EV chemistry between Nikki and Chelsea just works. This is a must see or listen to podcast!  


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Bill Dale
EVcast Individual Supporter
billdale said on Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 @ 5:38 PM:


Great show as always, very interesting information, but I often have problems hearing what you say-- during the entire segment I had no problem understanding what Chelsea said, and I suspect it may be either the kind of microphone each of you are using, or maybe your respective environments... perhaps you, Nikki, are in a room that provides more echo, and might benefit from some sound-deadening material. Chelsea, were you in a room with drapes perhaps, or some other factor that you think may be of importance?  We all want to hear the webcasts as clearly as possible, and I for one would appreciate any suggestions you might give Nikki to duplicate the same conditions you have when speaking.

I was surprised to receive $2.36 from EVcast via PayPal for making my comments over the last few weeks!  Personally, I think I'd rather let it accumulate until I can use the proceeds to order a Tesla Roadster, although it now looks like that model may be discontinued.  At the current price and the current rate of my activity incentive, I should be able to order my Tesla sometime around 2310 BC, unless of course the list price drops sometime before then.

Thanks so much to everyone for the rich and interesting EV data!


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