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EVcast #393: The Buckeye Bullet Strikes Again!

posted by Joseph Lado, EVcast Individual SupporterFriday, August 27th 2010 @ 12:32 AM (not yet rated)    post viewed 6252 times

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This week on the EVcast Power Hour we talk about Ohio's return to trying to establish the worlds fastest electric car with their famed Buckeye Bullet electric vehicle. And I think this time they might have done it. We also talk about a high school built electric vehicle that will get somewhere around 300 miles to the gallon equivalent. Wow. And, have you heard what the Prius is going to sound like not that Toyota has decided that the Prius should make noise when traveling all electric? We have the sound. Listen. We bring you all this so you don't have to get out of you social networking sight and look for it yourself. 


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