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The EVcast is a podcast dedicated to bringing consumers the latest information on electric vehicles in a non-technical, non-political, and entertaining way.

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September 2008 Posts


  The EVcast
Blog Entry

EVcast #89: Interview with Dr. Moller with the Flying Car

Monday, September 29th 2008 @ 12:01 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 7858 times

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  • Interview with Dr. Moller from Moller Industries
  • Chris Paine Speaks
  • Chevy Volt in CA
  • Cars Cannot Fit in Phone Booths
  • Warren Buffett Invests in BYD
  • Subaru's Plug In Stella
  • Ryan's Party Recap
  • Listener Feedback


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Paul Cummings
Free Access
PaulCummings said on Monday, September 29th 2008 @ 7:09 PM:

Intesting interview with Dr. Moller from Moller Industries and his flying car.  The Skycar VTOL uses rotary engines that are emission free by using ethanol, but may use hydrogen in the future.  I think this is the car that graced the cover of a Popular Science issue a few years ago.  It still looks cool, but I just don't see this idea getting off the ground, at least for general use- maybe for recreational use, like the Ultralight aircraft.  Web site is:

Chris Paine is hoping for a release date of 2010 for his sequel to "Who Killed the Electric Car?"  If he is waiting for EV's to hit the road first, I don't see how he can release the film before 2011 and include anything meaningful about the EV release.

So Th!nk has the idea of converting phone booths into charge stations- is this thinking inside the box?  I don't think we have the 'boxes' that Europe has- at least not as I envision- like the phone box in Doctor Who;-)  Of course, then a car could fit into that phone booth!

Warren Buffet purchased 10% of BYD of China- sorry- I just have an issue with investing in a Communist country where the government can step in at any time to repossess any company 'for the state.'  In the case of Communist Russia, we wore them down economically- it seems like we are just feeding this monster instead, drawn to its 1.5 billion customer base no doubt- I think this is greedy and short-sighted- but I could be wrong.

An article on Subaru's Stella car is at:
It's good to seem some pure EV's come to market as well.

Concerning the comment about Electric Blue's claims that their battery does not have issues with the heat in Arizona ? I think, Bo, it was Vantage Vehicle's NEV that used the Deka battery. I did not see on the Electric Blue web site what lead acid battery that Electric Blue uses.

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John Briggs
Free Access
JohnBriggs said on Tuesday, September 30th 2008 @ 11:11 AM:

   "The Five-O"?????  Are you driving in Hawaii?

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John Briggs
Free Access
JohnBriggs said on Tuesday, September 30th 2008 @ 11:42 AM:


  How hard is it to get a consistent volume?  This has been a fustration of mine with the EVcast for a while.  Using the program called "Sound Normalizer"  Here is what I found.

Episode 86     90.6% of normal volume (very hard to hear)
Episode 88b  117.3% of normal volume (way too loud)

Part of the problem with episode 86 may be one small loud part impacted the volume of the whole show.

  But the sound level is totally out of control.


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Gavin Shoebridge
Free Access
KiwiEV said on Tuesday, September 30th 2008 @ 2:51 PM:

I'm with John on this one regarding the inconsistant volume in the show.

I think I'm one more show away from getting RSI due to turning the volume up & down 200 times per show. I turn it up to hear Bo & Ryan, then quickly turning it down again so that the interviewee doesn't perforate my ear drums. Perhaps some lapel microphones or a good old fashioned hand mic would help?

I know you guys want the show to be interactive but this is insane!

Gav from Noo England. Cool

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Luc H
Free Access
Luc said on Sunday, December 28th 2008 @ 2:50 PM:

This EVcast should have come with a strong BS warning! Dr Moller or Dr Investors Wanted is selling a dream or vaporware.

The Skycar platform is unstable and underpowered. The hp required to make this Skycar fly would require a much larger cooling system. If just one of the ducted fans fail or slows down, the Skycar will drop like a rock.


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