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The EVcast is a podcast dedicated to bringing consumers the latest information on electric vehicles in a non-technical, non-political, and entertaining way.

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January 2010 Posts


  The EVcast
Blog Entry

EVcast #316. 993,700,000

posted by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Free AccessSaturday, January 23rd 2010 @ 7:19 PM (2 ratings)    post viewed 3915 times

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Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and guests John Adamo and Harry Mallin as they discuss the latest news in the world of plug in vehicles, including motorbikes and electric airplanes! This show is sponsored bywww.evcarco.com and the kind donations of our listeners. Thanks for your support!

Our Host and Guests online. 

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield also hosts ThisWeekinEnergy and NikkiDrives. She also blogs at Aminorjourney.com and can be followed on Twitter. She is the co-founder and producer at littleCollie.com

John Adamo is an electric motorbike aficionado known for his online work writing at Plugbike.com and at Asphaltandrubber.com. He became interested in electric bikes after seeing a video of a Quantya MX online.  You can follow him on Twitter 

Harry Mallin spends his days as a attorney for the US department of Health and Human Services, but his time off work as the avid Brammofan - responsible for the Brammofan.com site.  He is also working as the moderator to the TTXGP's technical rules for this year's races. He also can be found on Twitter.


This week's stories. 

Toyota to make 1 million hybrids in 2011. - But: Say they will never abandon the ICE.

Toyota go mining in Argentina.

Fisker gets more private funding, enabling it to get DOE loan.

Maria Roher gets taken off the Volt project and re-assigned elsewhere.

ACPropulsion and AutoPort get together to partner in USPS trail.

TTXGP's Azar Hussain gets a hard time on TV.

BYD gets licence to produce E6. (more)

Early EVs won't need many charge points, say NYC.

10,000 Plug in vehicles in Rhode Island by 2015?

Plug in at your local friendly 7-11... In Japan!

Hyundai i10 EV launching in Korea?

Trexa - Build your own electric car!

Third EnerDel battery plant in Indiana.

Eberhard working with VW on E-Up!

The flying puffin... NASA's latest toy ;) 

FIM ePower entry:  Epo-Bike.

Renault threatens electric car withdrawal

Quebec, Ca, to get largest ever EV fleet in Canada

Former GM exec moves to Coda.

Yunnec's Electric Plane (Nikki wants one!)

Another "Zap" Story.


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John Briggs
Free Access
JohnBriggs said on Sunday, January 24th 2010 @ 9:09 PM:

Not sure if this is an old Episode of Top Gear or not.  But they are bad-mouthing the Th!nk.  1:47


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Gint Federas
Free Access
Gint said on Monday, January 25th 2010 @ 2:15 PM:

Most EV converters, and every OEM-built EV has an inertia switch that shuts off electricity after an accident with sufficient force to blow the air bags.

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