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Q. How do you guys conduct your research?

A. EVcast uses a structured, consistent, and detailed research approach. The methodology supports an analytical approach to electric vehicle (EV) research. In depth comparisons are made of many aspects of the global and domestic EV marketplace. Data  relating to EV segments is developed to permit presentation of forecasts and market share positioned to have substantive value.

Research has been automated using automation of automated interactive surveys that implement automated delta trend analysis and automated instant messaging in combination with automated e-mail. Automation is made possible because of an automated proprietary theta engine that implements multilayered cellulosic based analysis. Modular systems support dynamic computing that use a graphical combustion engine to reach more people in a research modality.

Full spectrum research and information services, including market reports, customized rectal research, and customer intimidation are available, reports and research are positioned to provide strategic value to industry participants, strategic planners, EV scammers, and product managers.

New systems combine sales tools and independent  industry analysis, seeking to leverage the expertise of the nanovector and combine it with the skepticism of the analysts to provide accurate and in depth news coverage and analysis, that we like to call the EVcast daily podcast.

In other words...we know how to surf web.

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