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We have arrived at a major turning point that will one day be viewed as one of mankind's greatest achievements:  the adoption of the electric vehicle.  Many factors, such as skyrocketing oil prices, global warming, smog, and other factors have forced us to take another look at a technology that has been around for more than 100 years -- the electric car.

For this adoption to be successful, consumers are going to have to be educated with the facts.  EVcast.com is a podcast dedicated to bringing consumers the latest information on electric vehicles in a non-technical and entertaining way.

Take an active role in this new revolution: listen to the EVcast and share this podcast with others.  Together, we can make a major difference.

BTW, if you are in the market for purchasing an electric vehicle but are not in the best financial position or have credit issues. There are many dealerships that offer special financing options like buy here pay here phoenix that will take your personal situation into consideration and work with you to find the best electric vehicle for your budget.



Featured Podcasts and Blogs

contains audio content article linkEVcast #417: Bo's Got His Fisker! (Bo)
posted Wed March 21st 2012 @ 2:11 PM

Join Bo and Ryan as they chat about Bo's Fisker Karma. Read More »

contains audio content article linkEVcast #416: Fisker in the Cradle (Bo)
posted Tue November 8th 2011 @ 1:56 PM

This is a quick song about my EV struggles.  Enjoy.  Listen first, read lyrics later. Read More »

contains audio content article linkEVcast #415: EV Industry Update (Bo)
posted Thu September 29th 2011 @ 12:17 PM

Join Bo and Ryan for a look at the EV industry, some predictions, and some conclusions. Read More »

contains audio content article linkEVcast #414: Back Again. Again. (Bo)
posted Wed May 4th 2011 @ 12:52 PM

[38:00] Join Bo and Ryan for update on the EV industry... as they see it. Read More »

contains audio content article linkEV Update (Bo)
posted Tue March 15th 2011 @ 6:44 PM

Join Bo and Ryan for a special 2 1/2 minute musical EV industry update. Read More »

Featured Multimedia

file link contains video content Afternoon Delight (Bo)
posted Wed August 25th @ 9:00 AM

Yes, charging your EV during the day may be socially irresponsible and bad for mother earth, but who said it's not OK every once and a while to sneak a little "afternoon delight"? More »

file link contains video content Smart ED (Bo)
posted Fri July 30th @ 5:43 AM

Over 1000 men have Smart ED... More »

file link contains video content EVcast at Plug-in 2010 (Bo)
posted Thu July 29th @ 3:06 PM

Bo Bennett speaks at the plug-in 2010 general session. More »

file link contains video content Bo Bennett Talks About the Nissan Leaf (Bo)
posted Wed May 26th @ 6:58 AM

Paradoy of the Lance Armsrtong video.  If you have any further questions please go to your local dealership like Nissan Phoenix, they will be happy to assist you! More »

file link contains video content Voltex (Bo)
posted Wed March 10th @ 6:31 AM

Range Anxiety getting you down?  Try Voltex(tm) More »

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