Optima d31m review

Overview Optima Blue Top is a famous trademark of bounty marine AGM batteries well known by their unique appearance, and relatively prominent among fishermen and skilled boaters likewise. In this Blue Top marine battery review, we’ll fill in all knowledge you want to come to be familiar with Optima Blue Top characteristics, as well as … Read more

How to Charge a Boat Battery?

Intro Of course, you will always find cars and bikes on the road and boats on a body of water. Every automotive’s ability to move progressively on different surfaces is due to the features that hold them together. However, something else powers these features – the battery. Car batteries produce electric currents needed to start … Read more

Exide AGM Marine Battery Review

Main For some reason, you’ll find some people interested in a particular brand over many other types available; the reason is that such a brand offers what others couldn’t. Not everyone would like the same brand; you’ll have to make your choice, especially after considering some crucial factors. However, there is always room for change … Read more