Optima d31m review


Optima Blue Top is a famous trademark of bounty marine AGM batteries well known by their unique appearance, and relatively prominent among fishermen and skilled boaters likewise. In this Blue Top marine battery review, we’ll fill in all knowledge you want to come to be familiar with Optima Blue Top characteristics, as well as thinking in deducing whether this is the exact battery for your particular boat and goals, and if they are worth the huge price rate.

Optima Blue Top batteries are priced much more than some different marine batteries, but Optima’s advanced technology has ensued in a battery aim of uniquely high action and comfort. The stability is shock opposition and outstanding longevity when best charging methods are utilized make a Blue Top battery a terrific importance and a very famous option for long-time fishermen and boaters.

[LIST N] (Features)

1. AGM Zero Maintenance Design

Optima’s locked absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries do not reduce or dribble the way formal flooded batteries usually do. With a formal battery, electrolyte fluid degrees must be retained by checking and fill always as important to avoid the battery from ceasing to function and to extend the lifespan of the battery. The AGM technique conserves the electrolyte in an area of suspension while consistently maintaining contact with the plates’ effective lead substance. This produces increased efficiency of discharging and supplying.

2. SpiralCell Technology

Optima’s state-of-the-art Spiral Cell Technology comprises of a format of spiral-wound cells, with everyone in the series made of two ninety-nine per cent authentic lead plates. Each plate is accurately glazed with lead oxide. This unusual battery design produces more power, always outperforming batteries with conventional flat-plate structures.

3. High Energy Density

Optima batteries operate with ninety-nine per cent virgin lead plates, concluding in a lower weight battery of balanced ability.

4. High Life Expectancy

The Optima Blues always live up to their status for possessing an exceptionally lengthy battery life hope, as much as they are charged adequately. The Optima Blue Top 34M model has stood to be cycle tested to as many as 350 discharges, which is about three times the lifetime of ordinary marine batteries. This is a main help for regular boaters and fishermen who expel their batteries on a daily or weekly rationale.

5. Excellent Vibration Resistance

The sealed AGM layout is naturally vibration immune, but the Blue Tops caption the SpiralCell technology with broad plate expanse that results in relatively adequate defiance to shock and vibration.

6. Mountable in almost any Posture

Being entirely impenetrable and entirely self-contained, there are no spaces or waterholes through which the battery can relinquish its acid. This enables the charge of the battery in nearly any position you choose, which is beneficial in cramped boat trunks.

7. Double Studs

Blue Tops underline both double SAE studs and threaded 5/16″ studs. The SAE stud helps connect a charger, and the threaded studs are considerable for the strong fixture to the power and charger cords in your boat.

optima d31m review

8. Optimal Starting Power

For the majority of freshwater fishing boat requisitions, 800 CCA is plentiful for beginning outboards. It is smart to review your owner’s manual for the precise prerequisites of your outboard. The optimal d31 have CCA ratings from 750 to 900 which is sufficient to fire up most outboards. The elegance of dual-purpose AGM is earning the deep cycle ability to operate your electronics.

9. 2-year warranty

When it attains to excellence, Optima is among the profitable brands on the market with the nicest RV, boat, and active batteries. Optima give the users of this battery with a 24-month assurance against flaws in equipment and workmanship.

Size: 12.8″L x 6.6″W x 9.4″H

Weight: 59.8 lbs

Capacity: 75 Ah

Reserve Capacity: 155 minutes

CCA: 900 A.

[LIST B] (pros)

It has a quicker recharge duration.

This battery has an excellent vibration resistance of up to fifteen times better than the regular battery

It is maintenance independent.

[LIST B] (cons)

This battery is relatively costly.


Do you need a special charger?

Yes and no, at least your on-board charger should have AGM abilities or you will harm the battery cells. Ensure the charge profile is in alliance with the approved specs.

What should I do to store and maintain optimal d31?

It’s best exercise to utilize a battery tender to maintain the charge above 12.4 V. You can also search the voltage manually every few months and top off as required.


The D31M has the largest Reserve Capacity in the cycle, rendering them the best option for use with trolling motors on medium to large sized freshwater fishing boats.