Can You Return A Car Battery?


If you had just bought a car battery, you might not be so sure if it would work for your car or not. The same happens for most products. The question then is: can you return a car battery if it doesn’t work? Yes, you can as long as it is new and unused. However, return policies vary from one retailer to another.

Before you buy any product from an online or physical retailer, ensure you check the Return Policy. The policy guides the acceptance of products bought within a particular time. In this article, you will find reasons why you can return a car battery and the top 4 retailers with Return Policies.


Why Should You Return a Car Battery?

Below is a list of valid reasons why you should return a car battery, and what would make them acceptable by a retailer.

  • Wrong Size

A significant thing you should know about car batteries is that they come in various sizes and groups. Every car has a battery compartment with a specific Group it belongs to. It often ranges from 27 to 35; the size is a description of its physical measurement and cell capacity.

When picking a battery online, newbies may get confused about the size that is ideal for their car. In the end, they bring home the wrong battery size that would be useless to them. Therefore, retailers advise car owners to make proper consultations with people who are experienced, so that they could successfully pick what is right.

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  • Wrong Package Order

On several occasions, you may have had something delivered to you, which could be different from what you ordered. Having a wrong package delivered to you instead of a car battery is not impossible at all. Sometimes, the fault could be from the store or yourself. For instance, in the process of sorting out deliveries to a location, the store could patch the wrong address for your package.

If you ever experience this situation, the store doesn’t leave you out cold; instead, it compensates for the inconveniences that may have been caused. The store allows you to exchange the wrong package order with the correct one – a car battery.

  • Damaged Goods

In the process of packing orders for delivery, some of these items need to be handled carefully so they don’t get damaged. Peradventure, it (car battery) gets damaged; you have the opportunity of returning it to the retailer for an exchange. You could even go as far as asking for a refund, depending on the retailer.

  • Warranties

Every battery has a life – the number of years it would remain active. The Warranty describes its years of service for a user; after the set date expires, it can no longer be returned. For instance, most car batteries have a life between 4 to 5 years; however, the Warranties are set to 1 or 2 years. If the battery gets damaged within that period, it could be returned for replacement.

Warranties are not only ideal for car batteries but other car parts or accessories. Thus, you should always check carefully for this information before you buy either online or in a physical store.

What are the Battery Return Policies and Warranties of Top Retailers?

Not many stores guarantee you a Return Policy on products you buy from them; however, the following retailers are the top-rated ones that put this policy on their batteries.

  • Walmart

At Walmart, you will find car batteries between the prices of $50 to $300. They sell three Lead-corrosive batteries – EverStart Value, EverStart Plus, and EverStart Maxx. Now, each of these batteries varies in cost based on a factor – Cold Cranking amps. Therefore, you will find them with a replacement policy and at different warranties.

EverStart Value – Free Replacement with 1 Year Warranty

EverStart Plus – Free Replacement with 2 Years Warranty

EverStart Maxx – Free Replacement with 3 Years Warranty.

The Return Policy, however, is valid within 90 days after purchasing any of the EverStart batteries. There is also a good chance for a refund.

  • Advance Auto Parts

Another retailer that gives buyers a chance to replace or return AutoCraft Limited car battery after purchase is Advance Auto Parts. The warranty period lasts between 1 to 3 years depending on the type of battery bought. Also, a warranty claim is only approved if the battery isn’t working properly and confirmed by a store manager that it isn’t.

The Return Policy, on the other hand, is valid within 45 days after purchase. Receipt, Valid ID card must be presented along with the battery in good condition. If the receipt cannot be provided, the battery is valued at the lowest sale price.

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts

SuperStart is a great car battery brand you will find at O’Reilly Auto Parts. It has a good return and warranty policy. For instance, the warranty lasts up to 3 years depending on the battery model. In a case where the battery malfunctions, it is possible to return the battery to O’Reilly alongside the receipt.

The Return Policy has no set limit; however, the battery must be in good condition on return.

  • NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA Batteries are quite popular, and they have a Return and Warranty Policy. If you ever bought a battery from NAPA Auto Parts, you are provided with a 36-month warranty depending on the battery model. Refunds, however, are not available if the battery isn’t working properly.

Accepting a car battery is only valid within 30 days of purchase, as stated in NAPA Auto Parts’ Return Policy. While doing this, you will need to provide the receipt of purchase.

  • Pep Boys

Pep Boys sells Bosch and Champion Batteries. The validity of the warranties on these batteries is only for 30 and 36 months, respectively. Upon returning, the receipt must be provided, after which a test for failure verification is done. The Return Policy, however, is not subject to refund.


If you have always had questions like: why can you return a car battery, hopefully, this article has been able to answer that. Even if you don’t get a battery from any of the stores described above, ensure that wherever you are getting it from provides a Return Policy and Warranty. That way, you get a chance to return when things go wrong.