Does Costco Install Car Batteries?


Costco Wholesale is one of the best places to get interstate brand batteries for automotive, including boats, golf carts, lawnmowers, RVs. This place offers competitive prices, making them one of the customer’s best choices. The batteries, however, aren’t less in quality; they are dependable, reliable, and great. All you have to do is contact Costco Tire and Battery Center to locate the nearest selection center to pick up a battery for your automotive.

While this brand does so much to provide top-notch services to clients, there are wrong perceptions about it. Often, people ask: “Does Costco Install Car Batteries,” only because they believe their services are reliable. In this article, you will find out more about Costco and its accessories, and also other places you can buy batteries and get them installed.


Will Costco Install Your Batteries?

Costco sells batteries for recreational and road cars; however, that doesn’t justify the idea of them installing batteries. They don’t provide installation service. They expect clients to be able to do that themselves, knowing that the process is seamless and requires simple tools/equipment. Sometimes, you will find an instructional manual in cars that explicitly describes how to install a battery into such a car.

What is Costco Warranty and Auto Program?

When you are buying a battery at Costco, you will be asked to pay a refundable fee alongside; however, if you bring an old battery, you could always skip that fee. What they do with the battery is dispose of or recycle it, only to keep the environment free from hazards. Their services are divided into two parts – Warranty and Auto Programs

  • Warranty Program

For all automotive batteries purchased at Costco, there is a 1-year limited warranty on them. It covers a time frame and size, depending on the battery brand. Besides, the life of the battery is always described on the battery, so that if it gets defective before then, it could be returned. However, the warranty is invalid if the date coding is destroyed or removed.

  • Costco Auto Program

If what you want is a service center that offers you battery installation services, then The Costco Auto Program would help you get the help needed. It is a conglomeration of different service centers that provide care services to its members at great discounts. With these discounts, members could save up to $500 for maintenance.

It should be said that Costco doesn’t run the service center itself; it is run as affiliates by those who only regard Costco because of its reputation – take it as a coupon.

Apart from battery installation services, other things the Costco Auto Program offers include:

  • Brakes
  • Mileage Milestone Maintenance
  • Alignments
  • Heating and Cooling, etc.

How to Buy a Battery from Costco?

Costco Interstate Brand Batteries are great; hence, you may have no option but to choose them for your cars. Now, before you proceed to their local warehouse, there are a couple of things you need to do. One of such things is to confirm if they have the battery suitable for your car. With the following steps, you can do that.


Enter Car information – Model, Year, Engine Information, etc.

A Fitment Code appears. Call a local selection center and confirm the availability of a battery with the “fitment code.”

A positive confirmation of its availability means you can proceed to purchase at the said-store.

While you head to the local store, it would be great if you took an old battery to Costco Refundable Core Fee.

How to Install a Car Battery On Your Own?

After purchasing a battery from Costco, the next thing to do is install yourself. The process is an easy one, even though it looks daunting. Besides, one of the benefits of doing the installation yourself is that it saves money. If you learn how to install once, it becomes easier for you; thus, you become more knowledgeable on the inner workings of a car.

While you are it, you need a few handy tools, such as adjustable and crescent wrenches, and vise pliers. Follow this step-by-step guide to install a car battery.

  • Make sure the engine is turned off. Pop the hood open and locate the battery.
  • Surrounding the battery is a cover/wedge; use a wrench to remove the protection.
  • With a wrench, loosen the bolts and nuts holding the terminal cables. Start with the negative terminal and proceed to the positive.
  • When you are done separating the terminals from the battery, gently remove the old battery. Lift and place it on a platform.
  • Gently put the new battery in position.
  • Connect the terminal cables. In this case, start with the positive and end with the negative.
  • Replace the cover around the battery.
  • Start the Engine. If it starts, close the hood; if it doesn’t, check the connection and retry.

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What Other Stores Sell and Install Batteries?

Costco offers great automotive batteries that they are confident you could install yourself. If, however, you aren’t comfortable or confident in doing that all by yourself, then you should consider asking someone else that can. You could also use The Costco Auto Program to your advantage.

Another alternative apart from asking from friends, family, etc., is buying the battery from other auto shops that offer installation and other services. Below is a list of fantastic auto shops and the services they provide.

Advance Auto Parts – Free battery current testing and installation service

NAPA Auto Parts – Some NAPA Auto Parts location test and install Legend Batteries at no cost.

O’Reilly Auto Parts – Offers free battery testing and installation for Super Start brand batteries.

Pep Boys – Free installation and testing for Bosch, Champion, ValueGrade, and Optima Batteries.


So, Does Costco Install Car Batteries? The answer is NO. There is no need to pay extra for services you can handle by yourself, except the circumstance is a serious one. Buy Interstate brand batteries from this brand, and get your automotive working at its best performance.