Where Can I Sell A Car Battery?


When a battery gets faulty, the next step is to get a new one because it won’t function like it used to. However, do you know you can make a few bucks from selling old batteries? Sometimes, the battery doesn’t necessarily have to get bad before you sell it – maybe you would like to get another one because it isn’t the perfect size for your car.

If your problem has been: “Where can I sell a car battery?” You don’t have to worry anymore because this article will provide you with a list of interested buyers. All you have to do is contact these buyers and negotiate on a price.


What Top 10 Buyers Can You Sell A Car Battery To?

If you have an old or fairly used car battery, the following stores or places should offer you something worth the value.

  • Metal Recycling Centers

One of the best places to sell your car battery is at metal recycling centers. They offer great prices for old car batteries because of their parts – the better some of these parts are, the higher the price. Many recycling centers are easy to locate because they often show up on search results. Before you visit one nearest to you, ensure you check through their website (if they have any); if you are lucky, you may find current battery rates listed.

  • Local Auto Parts Store

Several auto parts stores offer services in which they buy old car batteries from clients or customers. Some of the stores that provide this service include AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, O’Reilly, etc. They are big brands but with local stores scattered all over the country. All you need to do is search for “Local Auto Parts Store near me” and get results on places to go.

Most of these places give bonuses like store credits; if they cannot, they allow you to recycle at no cost.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most popular platforms to sell used or old items. When you visit the website, you will find several items, including car batteries, available to be sold. However, since you are selling, you will have to upload the battery and wait for buyers to reach you. If the battery looks good, you should get a buyer within a week or two. Ideally, your profit depends on the battery quality and the demand.

  • Scrap Yards

Scrap Yards and Metal Recycling Centers are not so different in the quality of services they render to people. Likewise, they purchase old car batteries from sellers at a fair price. The reason why most scrap yards buy car batteries is solely for their Lead core. This Lead core can be remanufactured and used; thus, old batteries aren’t utterly useless even after they stop working. At best, every battery has 21lbs. of Lead; they make sellers earn up to $7.

  • Pawnshops

Another easy way to make fast money from selling car batteries is from Pawn Shops. Usually, Pawnshops are middlemen between a buyer and a seller. They offer a value on an old or fairly used battery; if you agree with the price, they pay instantly. However, it becomes the responsibility of the Pawnshop to get a buyer on the battery. The only limitation about this selling method is that the value is always less than when it is sold on other platforms like Craigslist.

  • Auto Repair Shops

If you have fairly used car batteries, another place you should consider selling to is an Auto Repair Shop. There are lots of cars with different problems; there is a good chance that there will be one that needs a battery. Moreover, most of these shops do reconditioning for used batteries to perform efficiently once again.

In essence, selling your battery to an auto repair shop means it must be in great condition – batteries are tested and valued on that basis.

  • Local Recycling Centers

If you belong to a community that doesn’t allow used batteries to be sold for money due to one reason or another, all hope is not lost. However, a great way you could get rid of the battery is by giving it out to your local recycling centers. Ideally, you may not get paid directly for doing this, but you are protecting the environment from battery waste. Sometimes, battery manufacturers compensate customers who give the battery out since there is good demand for Lead.

  • eBay

eBay is an eCommerce platform that allows you to sell anything, including car parts. If you have an old or used battery, eBay seems like a great place for you to sell. It is a wide platform, so you might find someone who wants to buy within a week or two. It doesn’t have to be car batteries only – motorbike batteries, ATV batteries, etc., can also be sold. If you have more than one battery to sell, listing your auction as a local pickup only would save you some money apart from profits.

  • Pull-A-Part

Batteries are not the only thing you may want to sell – the entire car, as well. Pull-A-Part does all the work and gives you a price for your car. That means they would be the ones to tow your car or truck from your garage and value every good part. You are offered a good price and paid immediately for a used battery and other useful car parts.

  • Battery Reconditioning Centers

There are also battery reconditioning centers ready to buy old, used, or dead batteries. What they do with the battery is to change the electrolyte and make it work all over again. Now, they offer you a good price for the battery; in turn, they sell the reconditioned battery to people looking to buy one.

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“Where can I sell a car battery?” should indeed be the least of your worries after reading this article. Try out any of the places depending on that which is closer to you. When you find a buyer, ensure that you sell the battery at the good value it deserves.