Who Buys Old Batteries?


There are many ways to make fast money from things you don’t use anymore; a good one is selling old car batteries. Disposing of old batteries could be quite tedious because it isn’t always safe in the environment. Instead, putting these old batteries up for recycling is a means of protecting the environment. You may not easily find these recycling places until you are recommended some fantastic ones that would accept all battery types.

If you are looking for a place or someone who buys old batteries, you are in the right article to know them. It would be best if you understood that you are protecting the planet while you sell these batteries to make extra cash. Find out the best places that would offer you good money for your used batteries, and let them buy from you.

Why Recycle Old Batteries?

Batteries usually have chemical components that make them useful for their designed purpose. However, when batteries are out of operation and termed ineffectively, these chemical components tend to leak, which may endanger the environment. For instance, chemicals like Lead, Cadmium, Zinc, Mercury, and Lithium seep into the ground, causing soil and water pollution. The intake of such polluted water could affect the lives of plants, animals, and even humans – cancer.

Recycling the battery is indeed beneficial, as long as you find the right place for it. What happens at a recycling place is that these chemicals are extracted and re-used to make or recondition fairly-used batteries. Other parts of the batteries are used for various other purposes.

Therefore, you should realize now that dumping a battery into the trash isn’t ideal. Apart from making money for you, it could be useful to other people while ensuring a protected environment.

Do you want to sell a car battery at a good price?

Who Buys Old Car Batteries?

Are you looking for the best places that would buy your old batteries and pay for them? Check out the 8 following places.

  • Local Auto Stores

The most comfortable and most convenient place to visit when you have an old battery to sell is the Local Auto Stores. These places are not only the most-visited, but they also have a unique recycling service. Some of the best local auto stores include AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Napa Auto Parts, and O’reilly.

Each of these auto places has its policies and requirements to ensure a successful transaction between them and sellers. Depending on how they find the old battery useful, i.e., components and parts, they offer prices between $5 to $8. In a situation where you don’t get cash, store credit is offered instead.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most popularly visited platforms globally to buy and sell old and new stuff. It wouldn’t be strange to find that people are looking to buy old batteries on Craigslist; if you have one, it would be a fantastic opportunity to sell. Most of these people looking to buy often need it for recycling purpose, so you are at quite the advantage of fixing a good price for yourself or sell to the highest bidder. While you are on Craigslist, ensure that you check through local sources and local people to find potential buyers.

  • Scrap Yards

The chemicals in a battery are not the only useful or sellable feature; sometimes, you’ll find the various parts significant. One of the top buyers of old batteries is Scrap Yards. Ideally, what they need are battery parts for different purposes. You may not make as much money as when you are selling the battery with chemicals; however, it would be worth it, especially in protecting the environment.

Scrap Yards are not so difficult to find; all you need to do is take a quick Google search for the nearest shop to you. Even if you are not offered so much, ensure that it is good money.

  • United Battery

Another incredible buyer of old batteries is United Battery. They have an excellent reputation, making them reliable to do business with. Their cash for the junk battery program is specially designed so that people with old or used automotive and industrial batteries can earn extra cash. Additionally, it is their way of protecting the environment against pollution.

United Battery has a website that sellers could visit; however, you may not find prices or battery details on the site. Instead, you could put a call through to the customer rep and make inquiries on how much offered on old batteries. The price should be fair.

  • Walmart

Walmart is a popular store to buy items; their auto service has a recycling program for car batteries. It is a great place that would buy old batteries from customers for a few dollars. A customer could also qualify to buy a battery at discounted prices from the store. Altogether, the store offers reasonable prices.

When doing business with Walmart, the customer service reps take you through every process. Now, you get receipts for any transaction; if you ever need to return or buy at discounted prices, you’ll need to show them the receipt for validity.

  • Google and Yellow Pages

Another effective way of finding people who buy old batteries is using Google and Yellow Pages. It is an efficient approach because you’ll find a target audience without doing so much. For instance, you could use Google Search to find people ready to buy old batteries for recycling or scrap purposes. On the other hand, Yellow Pages should have information about people seeking to buy things; check the “cash for used batteries” program to see those for old batteries.


Be the one who takes much interest in protecting the environment by finding effective ways of disposing of old batteries. One of the best ways to do that is finding who buys old batteries for recycling purposes. From the above, this article has helped provide various options you could use; see what’s best for you and also earn good money.