Who Sells EverStart Batteries?


Have you always wondered why a particular product has different manufacturers? The answer is simple: everyone wants to make unique product types that would attract many users. For instance, Batteries are essential products needed in every automobile for effective operation; however, you won’t find only one manufacturer on the market. There are several battery manufacturers, and it is only up to you to decide what is best for your car.

Different factors could inspire you to choose a particular battery manufacturer over several others. EverStart Batteries is one of the best manufacturers on the market, not only because of its exclusive performance and power but also its versatility.


Then, Who Sells EverStart Batteries?

Walmart is one of the biggest stores globally. It would also come to you as a surprise that it is one largest retailer of car batteries in the United States. Walmart sells different models of EverStart Batteries that are compatible with different car models. What should you then know about this retailer and its battery brand? Let’s find out in this article.

What Should You Know About Walmart’s Battery – EverStart?

EverStart is an interstate battery brand for automotive and lawnmowers. It is quite special because of its performance, balance, and warranty; the amp ratings and easy maintenance are other reasons why it is highly preferred. Johnson Controls formerly produced it; however, it is under new management – Exide. A few EverStart batteries are also made by another company called Delphi.

At Walmart, you’ll find different types of EverStart batteries in the automotive section, each bearing a price. Usually, the battery ranges between $65 to $150, depending on the size and grade. On average, you’ll find the battery around $100.

What is the Perfect EverStart Battery for a Car?

Before choosing an EverStart Battery for your car at Walmart, you need to consider a few things to ensure it is the right fit.

Group Size

Ideally, there are different battery sizes that must be picked accordingly. If your car uses a large battery, the EverStart battery must have a large size and vice-versa. Knowing what group size to use is not so difficult. Many EverStart batteries have their Group Size printed on the top of the battery, so you could easily pick what is good to use.

Battery Grade

EverStart batteries come in three different grades depending on capacity and performance – Value, Plus, and Maxx. The simplest is the Value Grade, followed by Plus and Maxx. Finding out what is perfect for your car between these Battery Grade types is another task you to do all by yourself.

Cold Cranking Amps

The reason why EverStart Batteries are better than many others is that its ratings are quite exceptional. Most batteries have Cranking Amps that determine efficiency in normal conditions; however, Walmart’s Batteries have Cold Cranking Amps. What it describes the starting ability of the battery under freezing conditions. Hence, you could say that this battery works and withstands extreme temperatures without failing.

How Long Do Walmart’s EverStart Batteries Last?

Having discovered the various types of EverStart batteries available and how to pick them for your car, learning about their lifespan is next. Undoubtedly, Walmart’s Batteries are good, but you should know how long you can use them so that you could prepare towards getting another.

The lifespan ranges from one Battery Grade to another. For instance, EverStart Value lasts between two to three years, while EverStart Plus lasts between two to four years. EverStart Maxx lasts the longest – three to five years.

Also, the use of the battery under different climate conditions determine the lifespan. Consistent freezing temperatures will reduce the battery’s lifespan below the usual.

What is the Warranty on EverStart Batteries?

Every battery has a warranty assigned to it. The purpose of a warranty period is to know how long you can effectively use the battery without returning it. If the battery gets faulty before the end of the warranty period, it could be returned to the retailer or manufacturer. However, warranty differs from one store to another.

In Walmart, there is a good warranty program on EverStart Batteries. The warranty period, however, ranges from one Battery Grade to another. For instance;

EverStart Value: Free Replacement within 1 Year of Purchase

EverStart Plus: Free Replacement within 2 Years of Purchase

EverStart Maxx: Free Replacement within 3 Years of Purchase. No warranty after 5 Years.

There is something else you should know about: how the warranty works?

Walmart will only validate a warranty depending on the EverStart’s Battery Grade within the period specified. The following must have happened to the battery before such a warranty for replacement is considered.

Low or No Charge on Battery

Battery leaks or swells

If Battery does not charge properly

Battery runs at low capacity or fails to start a car

If the following happens, the warranty replacement will not be given.

An accident causing a damaged battery

Poor installation

Exposure to destroying/damaging factors

Visit any Walmart store and claim a warranty on the battery. Ensure that you take the receipt of the EverStart battery along.

Are EverStart Batteries Worth It?

Walmart is a great place to buy EverStart Batteries if you need one for your automotive and lawnmowers. This battery is one of the most popular types globally because of the many things, especially in freezing temperatures. Judging from the price, they are good value for money, as long you pick the suitable choice for your car. Indeed, EverStart Batteries are worth it.

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Knowing who sells EverStart batteries solves half of your problems, especially when buying a great car or motorcycle battery. You can easily walk into Walmart and pick the most preferred choice, considering all the factors needed. Thus, it takes away the stress and effort of running into one store or another to find a battery for your automobile. In conclusion, prepare your budget and visit any Walmart store to pick the battery for you.