EverStart Maxx 35-n Review


Anyone can get a battery, but it takes someone who’s invested so much time into gathering a useful piece of information to get a good one. Batteries are functional car accessories: a car’s entire operation depends on them. Therefore, getting a good battery is simultaneous to enjoying a fantastic experience both on- and off-road.

With several brands in the battery industry, finding what is worth the value for money could be challenging. However, Walmart’s EverStart Battery is one of the best there is, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out the different models available. In this EverStart Maxx 35-N review, there is a lot you’ll be told about this Walmart battery and its potentials.

EverStart Maxx 35-n

  • Description

EverStart is one of the many names you’ll find in the business. Under the manufacturer EXIDE, this battery brand is known for producing some of the best transportation batteries in North America. Currently, there are three models of EverStart Battery, and they include;

  1. EverStart Value
  2. EverStart Plus
  3. EverStart Maxx

The EverStart Maxx is the superior model by the brand, and different types depend on reserve capacity, lifespan, and CCA.

EverStart Maxx 35-N is one of the best choices from this model. According to the TEST PROGRAM at Consumer Reports, it has one of the greatest performances you could ever witness from a car battery. It is rated on three significant factors – Good Lifespan, Cold Cranking Amps’ performance, and Reserve Capacity.

  • Features

If you are using this automotive EverStart Battery, there are a few incredible features you’ll find.

Cell Composition: The battery contains Lead Acid electrolytes that keep it running all year long. This electrolyte is constantly sustained by making sure the battery is adequately charged. Thus, you’ll need a good car battery charger while you get this battery, as well.

Construction: It also has a maximum starting power because of its incredible, durable construction. It can withstand some extreme weather conditions without failing in performance or output. Like every other battery, it has fine positive and negative terminals for connection. Lastly, it has a plastic loop handle to lift the battery that weighs about 40 lbs.

Voltage: 12V

Weight: 38.2 lbs.

CCA: 640 Amps

Dimensions: 9.10 x 6.90 x 8.90 ins.

Warranty: 3-Years Free Replacement

  • Pros

An excellent Top Post Battery with great weather-resistance

3-years free replacement warranty period

Free Battery Testing

Free Installation at Walmart

  • Cons

Due to Federal restrictions, the battery cannot be returned by mail

Buying Guide Questions

Do you have questions about the EverStart Maxx 35-N battery? Below is a list of the frequently asked ones; they bear answers that will clarify doubts about this Walmart Battery.

What EverStart Maxx Battery is the Best?

EverStart Batteries are incredible, especially those in the Maxx category. While there are different models in this category, it isn’t so difficult to find the best based on their group size. EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group 24, is the overall best because it is built to withstand extreme conditions while offering great performance. After this battery, EverStart Maxx 35-N is a more reliable option to choose, judging from its features and capabilities.

Does EverStart Maxx 35-N Come with Removable Caps?

EverStart Batteries are designed in unique ways; thus, they don’t take conventional automotive batteries’ designs. One of the things you could use to identify them is the absence of removable caps. You may find this feature in most batteries, but not EverStart Maxx.

Do EverStart Batteries Use Unique Chargers?

EverStart Batteries are well-constructed so that they could offer long-lasting performance. However, it would be best if you were careful about charging the battery, so it doesn’t get damaged in no time. With a good car charger, you can get the battery up and running for the road anytime. As opposed to what most car owners think, EverStart Batteries doesn’t use unique chargers; if you have a regular, working charger, it will do the job just right.


EverStart Maxx 35-N review seems like one of the best ways to find out more about the battery and the brand. With the valuable piece of information here, it wouldn’t be a challenge finding what’s appropriate for your automotive anymore.