LR44 AG13 Review


Batteries are designed in several forms to serve different purposes. A Car battery is large because it is in correspondence with a car’s size. Similarly, if you have small electronic devices, you should only expect small batteries to take up the work of being the power source.

Small batteries go as far down as button cell types, often used in hearing aids, thermometers, remote controls, etc. While there are several button/coin cell batteries depending on thickness, diameter, composition, and brand, you will have to pick what’s best for you. In the LR44 AG13 review, you will see a special type of button cell battery that works best for thousands of electronic devices effortlessly.

LR44 AG13

  • Description

LR44 AG13 Battery is a small, button cell battery designed to handle several devices for a time frame. It is long-lasting due to the Lithium Alkaline cell composition; hence, you can always trust its performance in small mobile or electronic devices. Several brands offer this battery type, but you might have to be careful choosing a particular one that provides nothing less than extraordinary.

  • Features

Here, Yesker LR44 AG13 Alkaline battery is a viable option due to high demand and incredible quality. Below is a list of the features of this battery type.

Cell Composition: Yesker LR44 AG13 is a high-quality, Lithium-Alkaline button cell battery. Its constituent has a long-lasting performance, making it one of the best choices available on the market. Give or take, the battery’s shelf life is 10 years.

Compatible Devices: It is a battery with a pack of 10 ideal for portable, electronic devices you see around. Some of these devices include watches, laser pointers, calculators, alarms, clocks, pen radio, remote controls, digital voice recorders, toys, cameras, and a thousand others you can think of. This high energy density battery goes by many names, such as Gold Peak GP57/GP76/GPA76, AWI S05/S15, Mallory LR44, Duracell 10L14/10SL17/D357/D76 /MS76/MS76H, and others.

Voltage: 1.55V

Alkaline Capacity: 140mAh

Weight: 2.0g

Dimensions: 2.51 x 0.39 x 7.48 inches

  • Pros

Small and effective

Versatile with top-notch performance

Identifies with other names for easy selection

It comes in a pack of 10

A quite impressive shelf life

Offered at an affordable price

  • Cons


Limited power to small devices

Buying Guide Questions

Generally, people always have questions about unique products, especially those like a button cell battery. For the LR44 AG13 Battery, below is a list of some of the frequently asked questions with their answers provided.

What Makes the Best LR44 AG13?

LR44 AG13 is just like any button cell battery used to power devices that it can handle. However, there are a few factors you have to consider, so you end up picking the right battery from a reliable brand. These factors include;

    • Energy Density

: If a coin battery assures you of an excellent performance due to its energy density, you should go for it. This factor describes the available energy to the system’s weight; for LR44 AG13, there is a high energy density in place for incredible performance.

    • Battery Life/Shelf Life

: A battery’s lifespan is important to determine its responsiveness for different purposes. A small battery like LR44 should have something great to show forth.

    • Durability

: Finally, if the battery is durable, it is a great choice to pick.

LR44 AG13 Vs. CR2032

Both are button cell batteries that work incredibly to ensure that devices like calculators, watches, thermometers work effectively. There is no need to compare both based on performance; however, the devices that use them could differ. If a battery specifically uses a CR2032 battery, an LR44 AG13 battery shouldn’t be used, and vice-versa.

Does LR44 AG13 Go Under Quality Test Control?

Any brand putting LR44 AG13 battery out there must first make sure it goes through quality test control to determine its safety and eligibility to be sold. It will help if you check the battery’s description for this feature while buying on the market.


If you didn’t know any better, you would have agreed that all button cell batteries are the same. However, with this LR44 AG13 review, you now understand what button cell batteries are and how they differ in features and performance from each other. So, if you have a small electronic device that needs this battery type, you shouldn’t hesitate to go for Yesker’s brand or any top-rated one.