NOCO GB40 Jump Starter Review


Reviving what is dead almost seems pointless and impossible; however, that is not entirely true. Sometimes, you can always bring things back to life, especially when it’s a battery. Having a dead battery is embarrassing and disappointing, but if you are ever in a situation where it does that, what you need is a Jump Starter.

There are several reasons why most car owners have a drained battery; it could be due to unfavorable weather conditions or switching on all electronic appliances. Getting a Jump Starter beforehand, however, will save you a lot. One of the best options available for you is the NOCO GB40 Jump Starter – find out more in this review.

NOCO GB40 Jump Starter

  • Description

NOCO Genius Boost GB40 Jump Starter is one of those car accessories that you could mistakenly judge from its appearance. It can start a V8 battery to show how fantastic and top-notch it is as small as it looks. Indeed, there is more than meets the eye with this battery starter.

NOCO Genius Boost GB40 Lithium Jump Starter is a big catch for many reasons; however, you need to be careful not to buy a counterfeit on the market.

  • Features

Below is a list of features packed into this device.

Design: NOCO GB40 Jump Starter has one of the most advanced and portable designs, making it a superb choice on the market. It features a high-discharge Lithium technology contributing to its safe use under any weather/climate condition. As a part of its rugged, ultra-compact, and lightweight design, it comes with a water-resistant enclosure rated at IP65. Additionally, there is a rubberized over-molded casing with the Jump Starter, making it mar- and scratch-resistant.

Safety: It is one of the safest jump starters to use because it features spark-proof technology and reverse-polarity protection. If you need to know, this ultrasafe device doesn’t leave you worried about faulty connections. It also allows up to 20 jump starts on a single charge rated at 6 liters for gasoline and 3 liters for diesel engines.

Accessories: This outstanding jump starter is quite multi-functional with a portable power bank and LED flashlight features. It also has a USB connection port, so that you can easily recharge in 3 hours, at 2.1 amps.

Voltage: 12V

Dimensions: 6.57 x 3.15 x 7.72 ins.

Weight: 2.4 lbs.

  • Pros

Versatile and Durable

It comes with 100 Lumen LED flashlight + Strobe + SOS features for visibility and safety in the dark

Crystal-clear labels and indicators

Made of a top-quality material

Built with advanced technology with features such as a Micro USB connector, Bluetooth, etc.

Quite handy

  • Cons

It has limited performance with cars having big engines, including V8.

Buying Guide Questions

This NOCO GB40 Jump Starter review comes bearing answers to some of the frequently-asked questions about the device.

Can NOCO Genius Boost GB40 Jump Starter Work On Any Car?

There are several rumors about NOCO’s GB40 Jump Starter; one of them is its possibility to work on any car model. The truth is: as small as the device is, it is powerful and efficient; however, there are limits to its active operation. This jump starter will work correctly on small and medium engine cars but may not handle large engines.

Is NOCO GB40 Jump Starter Safe?

If there is a specific attribute to know this jump starter with, it would be its safety. It is an ultrasafe device with shockproof performance. It also works efficiently to prevent problems associated with faulty connections and offers reverse polarity protection. Gathering this piece of information, you would agree that it is one of the safest devices to use on a car.

What are the Special Features in the GB40 Jump Starter

In the Lithium Jump Starter package, there are a couple of things you’ll find – the special features. Some of these things include an LED Flashlight, a Portable Power Bank, and the super-incredible jump starter itself.


In any GB40 Jump Starter review, NOCO brand always comes first because of its fantastic performance. Reading this article, you would agree that it’s worth the value for money; so, you don’t need to be embarrassed about a dead battery again because there is a solution.