Noco Genius Boost Pro GB150 Review


The NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 is amazing! It arrives in a cardboard carton with the component itself curled up among a lot of foam padding. Its grey and black case has the device’s charge degree, voltage show, and buttons on one of the bigger faces. On one edge of the case there’s a big flashlight, and on the extra the appliance’s input and output docks.

It brings about point that one of the outputs is USB to enable for the comfort of charging lot of small devices. What brings about a handful limited sense is that the unit itself can furthermore charge via USB but doesn’t appear with a side charger of its own. You can utilize almost any, but the velocity at which it charges changes anywhere from two three hours utilizing a 5A charger to eleven hours adopting a more common 2A charger being sure of which one you use. This is a pretty difficult mistake for a charger that auctions for nearly 300 dollars.

You can furthermore charge the appliance with the included 12V power plug, as the appliance arrives with both a male and a female 12V power dock and a cord to fasten whichever one you desire. Utilize the male one to clog into the DC power port of a running car to charge the unit, or contrariwise utilize the female port and the cord to give energy from the device to other appliance, such as tire pumps, inverters, and lot more.

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Setup Process: susceptible to hook up and utilize despite its weight.

To use the appliance to procure a spring opening to a car with a hard-pressed battery you require to hit the hood and set the NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 atop the engine bay. After removing the two hooks from both side of the case you can open the wires and attach them to the battery beginning with the positive that is the red clamp. Once both hooks are attached, the new battery voltage is indicated on the voltmeter show and the car should be eligible to start.

it’s your small appliances that could use some juice, you solely locate the output ports and plug in. Between the USB port and the DC port adapters, you should be eligible to effortlessly plug in and give credible energy to lots of your devices.

Performance: Heaps of jump-starting power, but only a drip for USB devices

The NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 was qualified to hop the Elantra immediately in numerous tests. Procuring the cables attached appropriately was the only tough portion, as the hooks are big and it can be tough to discover a decent position to connect them. When they were in place, nonetheless, the jump starter permitted for the car to begin further readily than with any extra sector that was previously assessed. Certainly, with the car’s battery used down to 10 volts the car boosted instantly.

noco genius boost pro gb150 review

[LIST B](Pros)

Simple to utilize and steady: The car battery booster pack arrives with an in-built reverse oppositeness and a spark-proof technology that guarantees it can be utilized with no bothers. The cables are adaptable and well-built thereby deterring melting or overheating. It furthermore has an already built system and indicator that recognizes contact mistakes and any problems with the appliance before use.

It stores a punch: With a sole charge, the GB40 can jumpstart up to seventy-five cars as much as they are utilizing 12-volt lead-acid batteries. Notwithstanding its little size, it also functions adequately with diesel machines.

Useful and moderately portable: It is not little and handy in variety to supplementary lithium-ion jump starters, however if you possess sufficient storehouse in your can you will never have to bother about being deserted in a situation. It is the nicest jump starter you can possess.

The NOCO GB40 Ultra Safe lithium jump starter is valuable in charging mobile appliances. It also has an in-built LED flashlight important characteristic at twilight and emergency strobe lanterns.

[LIST B](Cons)

As referred to occasionally, the con can be the size.

The appliance become heated up rapidly when utilized several times in a row but that’s kind of regular.

It requires some period to charge fully.


If you are looking for a device that delivers you with immediate car start-up ability and the capacity to begin 10l diesel, this NOCO GB150 jump starter is the right one for you. You won’t have to bother about your car stopping in between and difficulty in arriving your home. Buy this best lithium-ion jump starter today for a steady ride