Best Flashlight Brands


For every product, there are always STAR brands that would always have incredible offers for consumers. Sometimes, people don’t waste their time checking other brands, since the reputation of the top-rated ones is rock-solid. One of many products that encounter this favoritism is Flashlight. It is not always a bad thing to consider the best flashlight brands because it would save time, stress, and money.

Selecting the best brands of flashlights on the market, then some analysis must have taken place. They are mostly the factors that guarantee excellent performance. These factors include illumination/brightness potential, battery life, durable construction, and budget.

How to Know the Best Brand of Flashlight?

Following customer reviews and statistics, it is easy to tell some of the top-rated brands in making flashlights; however, that is not enough. A couple of factors often determine some of these brands’ place, following the features incorporated into these lighting devices. Below is a list of factors that would help you determine the best brands that offer products worth a good value for money.

  • Power Output

A flashlight’s power output is the intensity of light produced from the device for visibility. The Power Output is divided into two – maximum and minimum. The Maximum Power Output is also called the Lumens.

If you buy a new flashlight, there is always a description of its Lumens to describe how much it could be used. For instance, 1000 Lumens means the brightness extends over a distance of 1000 ft. It is a significant feature that sets most flashlights apart. However, lumens are picked depending on the occasion. Camping, for example, requires a Lumen between 600 to 800.

  • Construction

Another difference between flashlights on the market is their construction. Different materials are often used to make lighting devices; they are quite selective because of different raging factors that could affect performance. For instance, standard flashlights are constructed with polypropylene material because they can withstand heat caused by high temperatures from the bulb.

Additionally, you have heard of cases where flashlights act as the perfect defense weapon against predators or attackers. Most of the top-rated brands have the heads of their flashlights with contoured designs to severely damage due to their impact on an attacker.

  • Color Quality

Most tactical flashlights you see around use LED bulbs, making them active and useful. The presence of LEDs can only mean one thing -improved color quality. This feature enhances visibility even in the darkest places. There is also a relationship between this color quality and color temperature—the lower the temperature, the warmer the visible light.

Likewise, even though LEDs are different from Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), various types depending on the brand. However, the best LEDs always have more variations in their performance than the rest.

  • Size and Weight

Surprisingly, the size and weight are also characteristics that set flashlights different from each other. Sometimes, people need something handy and convenient, which won’t be stressful to pack when the need arises. In other situations, a heavy-duty flashlight is highly preferred. Therefore, you should know the size or weight of the flashlight you want to pick, considering the circumstances at hand.

For camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, a lightweight flashlight is preferable. You can proceed to check out the best brands on the market that offer lightweight options.

  • Durability

In addition to the construction and quality, the best flashlight brands are known for their durable structure. The ability to withstand impact is also a function of this durability. There are times where you want to do something, and in the process, you lose grip of the flashlight; a durable type would resist as much impact it could be so that it remains effective for use.

Durability is such an essential factor because it significantly deals with maintenance. If you go for a less-durable option, there is a good chance that you would be spending on the repair. In cases where you don’t repair, you will constantly be buying new flashlights every season.

  • Power Source

There isn’t some magic to how flashlights come into effectiveness; they need a power source to function. Generally, devices run on batteries to maintain activity. There are two types of batteries, in this case – rechargeable and AA batteries. The former is a perfect choice for LED flashlights because it could be recharged when connected to an electric circuit; however, the AA battery is not so reliable.

Interestingly, people find AA battery-powered flashlights more useful outdoors due to electric circuits’ unavailability to recharge. Hence, campers or hikers pack as much battery depending on the number of days to be spent. However, the battery life is not as good as compared to rechargeable ones. Therefore, you will find brands that incorporate both battery options for extensive use.

  • Strobe Settings

Strobe settings is another incredible factor used in judging the best flashlight brand. If a flashlight incorporates more than three brightness levels, i.e., high, medium, and low, there is something special about it. The Strobe settings are perfect during emergencies and top-notch for self-protection. It is a blinding brightness level that could seem annoying if the situation doesn’t warrant one.

  • Budget

Finally, the best brand considers your budget, regardless of how tight it is. Ideally, most brands have other impressive products apart from the signature ones; they are alternatives if you cannot afford the top-sellers. The main purpose of doing this is to ensure everyone gets an offer from their brand and performs excellently well for the intended purpose.

What are the Best Flashlight Brands?

If you want only the best choice of flashlights, it should only be from the brands below.

  • Acebeam

Acebeam, formerly Supbeam is one of the most popular brands of flashlights on the market. It took a spot in limelight in 2014 and became one of the brightest choices. Apart from flashlights, the brand prides itself in making some of the often-used accessories, like batteries.

Acebeam currently has three top-rated products great for survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and security officials; they are Acebeam X70 X80 and X80GT. Additionally, it combines its great quality and powerful Lumens for great performance.

  • Fenix

One of the toughest choices and most popular flashlight producers in the United States of America is Fenix. The brand is known for its series of tactical series like the famous Fenix PD35 TAC. Since its inception, it has sold hundreds of thousands of flashlights; this activity speaks positively about the interest of people in their products.

Fenix recently designed a built-in charging system for their flashlights for convenient carry and recharge when the battery runs down.

The brand didn’t only stop at flashlights; it has other incredible lighting products like Bike Lights, headlights, and lanterns. It further aims to release more in the future.

  • Maglite

Maglite is another popular brand for flashlights because of its C and D battery type. It is also one of the oldest brands. However, it doesn’t use LED technology as the others, making it unique. Nevertheless, it is open to upgrading; the incandescent bulb could be replaced with LEDs.

Maglite has a huge market not only because it gives people the feel of traditional flashlights, but also its affordability. More importantly, the coating color is a sell-out. The two incredible products from the brand include the Maglite ML25LT and ML300L.

  • Nitecore

In 2007, Nitecore became one of the best producers worldwide for flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, batteries, chargers, etc. The brand is, however, well-known for its LEDs. It received the American International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) and a couple of others because of its extraordinary influence on the market.

Nitecore has some of the best tactical flashlights you can only imagine. For instance, Nitecore NM01 is its best-seller that has sold over thousands in only a few years. This device is not only useful for providing illumination but a great self-defense tool.

  • ThruNite

There is always a need for a powerful guide through the night, which is why ThruNite was established. This brand rose to the top because of its durably designed and budget-friendly products. It is a top manufacturer of practical flashlights useful for survival, emergencies, and any outdoor activities.

ThruNite also makes use of LEDs; it is remarkably known for its long-range flashlights. Its IPX8 rating feature also describes its waterproof structure. ThruNite TN40S is a great example of excellence built into a device. Other LED illuminated devices from the brand include headlamps, searchlights, key chains, penlights.

  • Olight

There are not many brands that constantly produce flashlights with the latest LED technology. Olight is lucky to be one of them, and it remains outstanding. Their top-notch quality and affordability also make them an amazing brand for every outdoor lover. The durable construction is everything you can imagine.

Surprisingly, the brand operates under a regulatory policy called MAP, which means you won’t always find their products anywhere. They also use custom accessories; for instance, the Olight batteries are only useful for their devices – flashlights and weapon-mounted lights. Olight M2Pro Warrior is one of the brand’s best-sellers suitable for self-defense, security, and military use.

  • Klarus

Klarus is coined from the Latin word “Clarus” – meaning Bright and Clear. This manufacturer describes itself by its name, and many who understand this always find a way to trust them. Klarus was established in 2011 to produce top-quality flashlights and lighting devices that would help people through different scenarios.

The brand has a reputation for consistently putting so much effort into innovations; they spend more hours on research too. In 2013, Klarus designed the first world’s dual switch flashlight – Klarus XT11. Overall, the clean appearance and enhanced illumination of their products make them worth a good value for money.

  • JETBeam

JETBeam is a manufacturer known for mid-, to high-end light devices, mostly flashlights for various fields – industrial, military, and law enforcement. It is one of the brands with active solutions to problems involving visibility in the dark; it has the NITEYE sub-brand to handle other illumination products.

JETBeam’s top-leading product is JET 3M Pro designed with great durability and enhanced illumination. It incorporates Strobe setting and angled striking bevel with a type III aluminum body, so it could be blinding and useful for self-defense.

  • Streamlight

For your tactical handheld and firearm-mountable flashlights, Streamlight is a good brand to patronize. It is another old brand with yet impressive products. Some of the light devices available include headlamps and work lamps. Streamlight PolyTac and ProTac are the best-sellers for tactical and self-defense purposes, and the reason is that they have incorporated strobe settings.

Other incredible brands are Elzetta, Armytek, Eagletac, Imalent, Lumintop, Astrulux, and a few more options.


Are you still looking for the best flashlight brands after this comprehensive article? Absolutely not! It has categorically helped you know the things to check out when looking for the best brand for products. Also, with the various options made available, you shouldn’t have problems picking a product from the best. In conclusion, you will get better at making tough decisions, not only when it comes to flashlights.