Optima 1200 battery charger review.


Likelihoods are if you possess a battery charger in your garage that it carries a very powerful similarity to the one your granddad or even your great grandfather utilized. That’s expected in huge percentage to the reality that other than the accumulation of microprocessors which is present in some prototypes, little has altered in the domain of battery chargers in the previous fifteen to twenty-five years.

With this occurring as the reason, numerous chargers on the demand today clearly aren’t up to the chore of charging all batteries appropriately. Some other ones might charge the battery, but foes not posses security attributes to curb overcharging or adequate battery care.

Thereupon years of customer reply and with its parent firm, Johnson Controls, a universal administrator in battery manufacturing —OPTIMA Batteries created a mutinous modern charger that’s directed both at shoppers who already acquire an Optima battery and those who still hold an essential flooded automotive or motorcycle battery. The project committee incorporated not just OPTIMA crew, but some of the best intellectuals from Johnson Controls Power Solutions organization, explains Daryl Brockman, engineer and product developer who works at OPTIMA.

The OPTIMA Chargers Digital 1200 12-volt performance Battery Charger made its global debut at the 2011 SEMA exhibition in Las Vegas, NV and took off on sale this spring globally. It was agreed on that the favourable method of effort was to create a charger of our own, Brockman declares.

[LIST B](Pros)

USB port for effective charging and powering of USB-supported appliances and accessories. Charge your phone, MP3 player or other device while charging your vehicle’s battery.

LCD show for charging, conserving and fault usage another device to know, full-text information of charging status

[LIST B](Cons)

It can lead to gassing when charging at extreme voltage levels or in outrageous high-temperature situations.

Unique Features

1. Rare Cables

It was discovered that the LED light found in the positive wire pin was very cool. This can succeed as useful in dark situation ns. For instance, assuming it’s a late sunset and your vehicle is positioned outside in an ark neighbourhood such as the voids at the path. The LED lamp can be a considerable device in be sure you lock the cables up appropriately before charging notwithstanding, the Digital 1200 will recognize if you have not.  It can similarly enable you to observe the dissimilarity between the positive and negative battery wires in exceptionally poor light circumstances since the positive clamp is the only one that has the LED light.

It’s significant to explain as well that the clamps are a spark-free technique and will enable you curb sparks when creating an alliance even with tough hook-ups. This vastly decreases the chance of fire or ignition of oozed gasses and is a vital protection trait when handling any battery.

optima 1200 battery charger review

2. USB Charging

Moreover, helpful is the USB charging port placed on the angle of the battery. Furthermore, we’re reckoning for at the road or when necessary when you wish to recharge your phone, tablet, camera or other electronic appliance, this can truly come in useful. You won’t have to reduce your tow rig’s battery attempting to recharge your smart phone or discover a synonymous charging origin.

3. Separate Maintainer Connection

There’s also a secondary port for maintainer charging hook-ups discovered promptly below the USB port. This secondary port permits you to fill in the supplementary durable eyelet-style connectors if need be that you want to add wire those into your car or motorcycle.

4. Outstanding Warranty.

OPTIMA furthermore give an excellent 3-year warranty on the charger against damages. In the uncertain circumstance that the Digital 1200 charger ceases to function, just call OPTIMA’s national toll-free number and receive an RMA for return. Communicating mainly with them will guarantee your appliance gets fixed up or rebuilt during the warranty time.

Clearly, this doesn’t look and work like your father’s battery charger that you’ve been utilizing for extra decades than you can recollect. With modern technology modifying almost everything that we land in contact with, the OPTIMA Digital 1200 charger carries all of the new comforts that you could visualize in a battery charger to the list and then some. If you were looking for a good moment to reinstate that worn out old charger in your shop with the recent and vastest, now is that moment.


Are the OPTIMAL chargers and maintainers understandable to use?

The new Digital 1200 12V Performance Battery Chargers and Maintainers are user-friendly

Is it necessary that I use an OPTIMA Digital 1200 12V Performance Battery Charger and Maintainer to charge my OPTIMA batteries?

No, but some chargers will not take motive for the outstanding performance factors of OPTIMA batteries.


If you possess an Optima battery in any of your vehicles, this is why you should have the Digital 1200 in your garage because it will be the one equipment that rectifies your problem the proper way, every moment.