Stanley J5C09 jump starter review


It feels terrible to be absent from home and we your car engine not begin. If no one is available to give you a hop onset or you don’t have AAA insurance, then you have to reimburse a whole bunch of money to a towing organization to bring your car home or to the mart.

That is why it’s crucial to have a nice small jump starter in the compartment of your car to prevent this situation from occurring.

There are a lot of small jump starters to select from, so where do you begin? As one of the nicest small jump starters of all moment, the Stanley J5C09 should be at the prime of your list. It has the variety of power, features, and dependability not seen elsewhere.

To help you comprehend why the Stanley J5C09 jump starter is an ethical venture, here are five of its biggest features that distinguish it apart from others.


1. High Amps: Banking on the stature of your car and its battery, you’ll like to keep a jump starter that can deal with the power prerequisites.

The Stanley J5C09 provides up to 1,000 peak amps and 500 swifts starting up amps. This is considerable whether you have small Smart car or huge furnished full-size truck.

2. On-board Air Compressor

A fortune of people doesn’t give awareness to the air force in their tires before it is extremely late. Retaining less or unequal air pressure could reduce your fuel performance and damage your Compressor

To guarantee that your tires possess the adequate air pressure no matter where you stand or the circumstances, the Stanley J5C09 has an on-board air compressor capable of up to 120 PSI.

This implies that if your poor tire pressure light appears on in the centre of nowhere, you don’t have to worry about going to the next gas station to put in air. Certainly, an emergency can of Fix-a-Flat will function in a touch, but it nearly renders the tire unrepairable if penetrated.

Having your own personal mini air compressor while on the highway is reasonable safeguard.

3. USB Connections

There are USB ports incorporated into the Stanley J5C09 which allow you attach your private electronic appliances to the jump starter. This arrives as useful if your smartphone is out of coverage and you wish to replenish the battery in an emergency.

It also shows up as valuable when your car doesn’t possess a USB port or the exact adaptor for the cigarette lighter.

4. LED Lighting

If it’s evening or your car is in a badly lit region, it will be hard to discern what you’re working out under the lid. As a matter if fact, the Stanley J5C09 has a very luminous LED light created right in to enable you effortlessly recognize what you’re doing no matter how gloomy the surroundings.

Fortunately, the light even revolves 270° to assist you shine light in the precise spot that you wish to see.

5. Reverse Polarity Alarm.

Do not bother if you create an error when adjoining the cables to the battery. Whether you’ve never been taught to attach jump start cables or you clearly weren’t putting interest, the Stanley J5C09 has a reverse polarity alarm which will speak out whenever there is an inappropriate contact with the cables.

Stanley j5c09 jump starter review


Loads of Power.

Susceptible to use.

Audible polarity alarm.

Built-in LED light.

USB and AC outlets.


Air compressor hose is relatively small.

Not supported with an additional cord.


What is the reverse polarity light used for?

The light will warn a user if they have connected the cables wrongly to the car battery. If the polarity is untrue it can lead to harm to the alternator in an auto.

Till when should I charge the unit?

It is advised that you charge the unit until all three lights are brightened. You should recharge the unit after every usage and at limited once every month

Does it arrive with a light?

Yes, the unit has an LED light.

What kind of battery does the unit function with?

It’s an impenetrable lead acid battery.


The Stanley J5C09 500-Amp Jump Starter is a strong jump starter with 1000 peak amps at a users removal.

Its susceptible to regulate so easy for both an amateur or experienced user. And if you are unlucky to get abandoned at night the unit arrives with an attached LED light for usage at night.