CR2016 Vs CR2025


The only reason why electronic devices are operable today is that they are powered by battery cells. While there are different types of batteries, the non-rechargeable small BIOS battery, also called Button or Coin Cell Batteries is the next new thing. If you have small electronic devices or a computer system, you wouldn’t expect them to run on AA batteries all the time; sometimes, what you need is a coin cell.

Button Cell Batteries are quite many depending on several factors; however, some of the most popular include Cr2016, Cr2025, and Cr2032. There are many other batteries in the CR-series, but Cr2016 Vs Cr2025 is the deal here. Both batteries are quite similar, yet different in various ways; thus, this article aims to present you with that information for clarity.


What are CR-Series Batteries Used For?

Portable electronic devices such as medical equipment (thermometer), wristwatches, pocket calculators, etc., are powered by a special type of battery – button cell batteries. The common types belong to the CR-series. The “CR” is a generic description that the battery contains Lithium Ion to power such a device over a period.

What are the Differences Between Cr2016 and Cr2025?

In that CR-series, there have been uncertainties surrounding the different types, especially when it comes to Cr2016 and Cr2025. Below is a list of differences between both batteries.

  • Voltage

Every battery has a voltage in which it operates. Without this voltage, there is no transference of energy to the device for performance; however, that doesn’t measure the energy but the potential the battery has. Often, Button Cell Batteries are known to have voltages between 2 to 3V.

Cr2016 and Cr2025 are different in their voltages; the former has a potential of 2V while the latter has 3V. On the coin pack, irrespective of the brand, the voltage is mentioned, so you could pick it correctly.

  • Capacity

Another feature that makes the difference between batteries is their Capacities. It is a clear description of the charges a battery can hold for ultimate performance. Some batteries have a higher capacity than the other type; thus, you will find them more effective. Surprisingly, the Capacity doesn’t come to be without its dependency on a factor – the amount of active material within the cell. In this case, Lithium-Ion is an active component of a button cell, and its amount differs from one battery to another.

Cr2016’s capacity is 90mAh. Cr2025’s capacity, on the other hand, is 165mAh. Each of these batteries will only last depending on the device that uses them. For instance, a 3mA device will make a Cr2016 battery last for only 30hours. Cr2025 battery will last for 55hours for the same device.

  • Thickness

If you see two batteries, there is always something physically different about them. Sometimes, it’s the shape; in a different case, it is the thickness or diameter. Coin Cell Batteries take the shape of a circle; hence, you should expect them to have a diameter. Not to dwell much on that, the thickness of a coin battery is the measurement from one end to another. This feature determines their suitability for a device.

In the CR-series, the naming system has been designed in such a way that you could tell the thickness from the name. For instance, a Cr2016 battery has a 1.6mm thickness; on the other hand, a Cr2025 battery has a 2.5mm thickness. Therefore, you could say that the Cr2025 battery is thicker than the Cr2016.

  • Rechargeability

What may look like a similarity yet a difference between Cr2016 and Cr2025 is their rechargeability. Usually, recharging a battery means allowing the flow of electric currents through it for a renewed performance. Unfortunately, both Cr2016 and Cr2025 are non-rechargeable batteries. They are meant to be disposed of after use.

However, there are battery chargers that can be used to recharge non-rechargeable batteries even though the process is not safe. In that case, Cr2025 has more potential than the Cr2016 battery for a recharge.

What Brand Makes the Best Cr2016 Battery?

Now that you understand the features and characteristics of the Cr2016 battery, you might want to stock up for some of your portable devices. Some brands are highly recommended if you need this type of button cell battery. These brands include; Duracell, Energizer, Maxwell, Panasonic, Varta, etc. Each of them promises temperature-resistance with continuous voltage over toys, PDA and Medical Devices.

Depending on the brand, the Cr2016 battery lasts between 2 to 3 months.

What Brand Makes the Best Cr2025 Battery?

If you also need a button cell battery that can withstand excessive temperatures, especially the Cr2025, it shouldn’t be a big deal. A few brands have contributed to small LED lights with this battery, and invested much in packaging design; therefore, it would be great to patronize them. These brands include Duracell, Chao Chuang, Philips Lithium Minicell, GloFX Lithium Button, etc.

Depending on the brand, the battery often lasts between 4 to 6 months.

Can You Replace Cr2016 with Cr2025 and Vice-Versa?

If you are thinking of replacing Cr2016 with Cr2025, it is possible but it has a lower charge compared to the other. On the other hand, the Cr2025 battery has a higher charge and lasts longer as a replacement.

On several occasions, it has been confirmed that Cr2016 and Cr2032 can replace the Cr2025 battery. However, when you are trying to do this, you might encounter space limitations. The watch or device involved might not have the space to hold the battery due to its diameter or thickness – Cr2016 is 1.6mm thick, while Cr2025 is 2.5mm thick.

CR-Series has so much to offer; Read on Cr2025 Vs Cr2032 here.


Cr2016 Vs Cr2025 article wasn’t written so that you have to choose one of the button cell batteries over the other; instead, it helped you know why they are special. These CR-Series batteries have their individual uses depending on the device involved – you should use them accordingly.