CR2025 Vs CR2032


When you think you know all button cell batteries, you get exposed to new ones. For a smooth-running operation of portable devices like wristwatches, calculators, thermometers, etc., coin cell batteries are important. However, there is always something to consider before you choose from a long list of options available.

In this category of batteries, there are several types available based on the active materials in them. For instance, there are alkaline button batteries, Lithium-ion button batteries, and so on. Out of these options, the Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular with different models – CR-Series, LIR-Series, etc.

Most of the devices you see around often use CR batteries because of their features. Now, it gets even difficult to know what to choose between the various options available under the CR-Series. In this article, you are about to see the differences between two unique and effective battery types – Cr2025 Vs Cr2032. You will also find out other relevant information there is to know.


What is the Cr2025 Coin Battery?

The Cr2025 button cell battery goes by many names; for instance, it goes by Duracell DL2025, RadioShack CS1005, Fuji Cr2025, Panasonic Cr2025, etc. It is a non-rechargeable lithium battery with a high voltage of 3V. This disposable battery varies from other types mainly because of its 2.5mm thickness, and capacity of up to 170mAh.

If there is any consolation, it has a 20mm diameter, making it an alternative to other battery types having the same space measurement. It is often used in watches, calculators, etc.

What is the Cr2032 Coin Battery?

The Cr2032 coin cell battery, on the other hand, is a stronger type; it is the most common lithium battery often used in portable electronic devices. It goes by so many names, such as LM2032, CR2332, DL2032, Seiko SB-T15, L2032, etc.

This battery has 3V and up to 240mAh Capacity. The thickness is 3.2mm while it maintains a 20mm diameter. It is suitable for hearing aids, and other significant electronics.

What are the Similarities Between Both Batteries?

When trying to establish the differences between Cr2025 and Cr2032, describing their similarities is an ideal way to start. With those details, it is easy to filter out what makes each of them unique and useful.

Below is a list of similar things between both button cell batteries.

  • Voltage

One of the most remarkable things about both cell batteries is their voltage. They both share similar voltages – 3V. Generally, Button Cell Batteries have voltages between 2 to 3V; hence, it means Cr2025 and Cr2032 have great potentials to perform excellently.

  • Chemistry

Another significant similarity is their Chemistry. Both types of cell batteries have similar content – lithium; thus, they operate in the same way.

  • Diameter

The diameter of a battery determines the type of devices that uses them. For a device with a battery space of less or more than 20mm, fixing either Cr2032 or Cr2025 into it would be difficult.

What are the Differences Between Both Batteries?

With the similarities explained properly, it is time to move on to the differences. Cr2025 and Cr2032 are almost alike in every aspect but they differ in some features.

  • Thickness

Every battery has its thickness. Depending on the brand, there is a description of the thickness to determine usability. In the naming code system of button batteries, the thickness is described, i.e., Cr2032 has 3.2mm thickness while Cr2025 has 2.5mm thickness. Therefore, you could say it is one significant factor that makes both button cell batteries different.

  • Capacity

The usability of a battery for some time is often due to its nominal capacity. This capacity, in mAh, is often inscribed, so that the number of hours or months of battery life can be determined. For Cr2032, the nominal capacity is 240mAh while Cr2025 has 170mAh. Indeed, it is another factor that differentiates both batteries.

Can You Replace Cr2025 With Cr2032 and Vice-Versa?

The part that raises questions is the suitability of Cr2025 in the stead of Cr2032, and vice-versa. The truth is: both batteries have the same diameter, meaning they can be used interchangeably for devices. However, minimal effects are inevitable with that action. For instance, there is a good chance that a device that uses a Cr2025 battery, which is replaced with a Cr2032 may last slightly longer due to its nominal capacity.

In another case, where you have to use Cr2025 because Cr2032 is unavailable, you might need to do a little trick, so that the thickness difference won’t be a problem. This trick involves patching up with aluminum foil to take care of the extra space. Unfortunately, such a device will not last as long as you expected it to with a Cr2032 battery.

Who are the Top Manufacturers of Both Cr2025 and Cr2032 Batteries?

As you know now that both batteries can replace one another, depending on the situation at hand, you should concern yourself with picking the best brands that make them. CR-series batteries are special, not only because the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) names them as C – Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery, and R – Cylindrical form, but also because of their usefulness in various aspects. You will find either Cr2032, Cr2025, or both in power small devices like keyless entry devices, remote sensors, glucose monitors, POS systems, heart pacemakers, tensiometers, thermometers, etc.

The ability to work effectively in these devices vary from one brand to another. Therefore, you should know the top manufacturers of these batteries when next you want to buy online. Some of these top-rated battery brands are Duracell, Panasonic, Philips, Energizer, Renata, Maxell, etc. They all have a catalog and it consists of both Cr2025, Cr2032, and other types of button cell batteries.

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Cr2025 Vs Cr2032 hasn’t always been straightforward because there are different perceptions about both batteries. However, this article has only shed more light on the situation and showed how different and similar they are. It is therefore important to take note of every detail before using them on your devices.